The Palace

Palazzo Correr Contarini, also known as Ca' dei Cuori

Palazzo Correr Contarini, also known as Ca’ dei Cuori, is a historic and prestigious Venetian Palace constructed around 1500.

It stands on the appealing cove that creates the Grand Canal between Santa Lucia and Rialto, near Ca’ Vendramin Calergi, the current location of the Casino.

The Palace has a monumental seventeenth-century facade with two large water doors, dominated by the classic Venetian “Mascheroni”.

There are two lofty floors, both marked by three-light windows with balconies and single-lancet windows on the left and on the right. Istrian stone frames highlight the perfect symmetry of the full and empty spaces of the facade. The lush garden and the terrace overlooking the Grand Canal are particularly rare for Venice.

The Palace is known as Ca’ dei Cuori for its characteristic heart-shaped family crest that decorates it almost everywhere: on the external gates, on the well curb in the internal courtyard, on the windows, on the interior doors.

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The history of the emblem is very interesting. It is said that the beautiful Erusaria Diedo conquered the heart of the noble Pietro Correr, scion of one of the most influential Venetian noble families, who gave the City more than one doge. As a sign of his affection and to show her his great love, he commissioned the most accomplished Venetian craftsmen to decorate the Palazzo Correr with many hearts. The two married and lived happily for long years in their romantic nest, until the death of her beloved Pietro in 1768.

Left a widow, the ever fascinating Erusaria made the noble Sebastiano Contarini, belonging to one of the richest families in Venice, fall in love with her, with whom she spent the rest of her years in the Palace.